hartz cat shampoo killing cats

I took her in to the bath and used Dawn dish soap to wash her. A week later she started convulsing. It was like something was shocking him, and he would take off running,” a woman named Staci posted to a website called Hartz Victims. And the Consumer Affairs page for Hartz Mountain Flea & Tick Drops doesn’t look much better. The spring meadow-scented cleansing formula kills fleas and ticks on contact. I switched to frontline right away. It was like she was sufficating. In fact, I learned many of the flea products are pesticides that we wouldn’t even allow to sit on our hands for a minute without washing it off. Since then we’ve never boughten any hartz product. Cats are extremely sensitive to the drugs in all flea medications, so the toxicity can be seen with any brand. Apply shampoo on head and ears, then lather. In 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) did conduct an investigation of the effects of the chemicals in several brands of pet products, including Hartz. Some of the comments on the hartzvictims.org site were so amazingly dumb - on the About page comments, one person shouting for … I have used Advantage and Frontline with no problems on cats and dogs. We just had to put our dog down due to kidney failure a few hours ago from this product.. We won’t buy anything hartz brand now!! My heart goes out to all of you:( I am so sorry to hear that they are getting away with selling this product! Give your pet a bath in dawn dish soap if you’ve used it and you notice spasms or seizures, it saved my cat about 5 years ago and he’s still with me, dawn dish soap is a miracle…I thought he was a goner, he was hiding in my room and seizing, I was terrified. But I kept looking up "cat can't stand up, sudden paralysis" and people kept mentioning how Hartz … We had a cat die from using the harts flea medicine probably 10 years ago. Never again. Hartz Is Not A New Hazard According to an NBC investigation from 2009, flea and tick shampoos like these contain a type of … To relieve you from evaluating different shampoos, we have reviewed the 10 best Persian Cat shampoos to help you get your hands on something worthy with respect to your cat’s ease of use, their ingredients, and how well they perform to a wide range of Persian cats. I am truly sorry for ur loss. Soon after, my 12 year old, Jackson started having strange leg spasms. Never use any Hartz products ever!! Their is a symbol of a cat with a line threw it in a prominent space on the package. As cats groom themselves, hair is pulled loose from their coats, which is swallowed and accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract. Hartz did nothing to help the situation or to help him get better. Required fields are marked *. That’s the question people SHOULD be asking…and since the answer is OBVIOUS…all the more reason they SHOULD be asking…VERY noisily!!!!. It was the worst experience . The comparison table with different items helps you to take the decision to buy best flea shampoo for cats. To see one instance of this product being claimed as taking a life check out the video below. One brand, in particular, Hartz, has consistently been under fire for the rate at which its toxic products lead to animal deaths. A post circulating Facebook this past week told a chilling story of warning. 1421. If it can take nail polish off? If you don’t want to use IGR, just use diluted white vinegar to mop floors or lightly spray carpets – best to get rid of wall to wall carpeting if you have pets anyway. Yes, sometimes these issues are due to people using the dog product on cats, but as a vet I have seen multiple cats with toxicity even from the products that are supposedly safe for cats (whether a topical spot-on product or a flea shampoo). No, Hartz, Sergeants, et al. ... Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea & Tick Fresh Scent Dog Shampoo, 18-oz bottle $2.84 Autoship & Save. My cat died in my arms after I used it. We put 2&2 together early enough and when we took collar off she made a full recovery. You may be speaking about breeds with the MDR1 gene mutation. If enough people write to them we could do something about it. When something so serious is wrong with your pet, you need to get to a vet right away!! I feel for you! What is in these products! Hit them in the pocket. Thank you for this website! But on a little one… it’s already deep into the system…. “It is important to consult your veterinarian when administering any biologic to your pet,” Dr. Robert Proietto, a veterinarian in New York City, told The Dodo. I don’t know of any attorneys who do animal rights but one of you should do a search for animal rights attorney. Why isn’t this on the news? We hoomans bring it home through our shoes and clothing. Micro beads infused with conditioners are released while you shampoo, leaving a clean, silky coat. I lost my 2 year old furbaby in October due to Hartz. We make Effipro for cats and is available online. Hartz Pet flea and tick products are Killing are Lethal. Harts is a horrible company! Just out Hartz Ultra Guard Topical Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats and Kittens. For use on kittens 12 weeks of age and older. They were ice cold and lifeless. She had the same symptoms as you describe your cat to have had. I am so sorry for everyone and your furbabies. This isn’t true?? I know many people who use Advantage and Frontline and have had no problems. Advantax isn't as thorough as Frontline. I also put on her medicine from the vet yesterday but that didn't seem to work to well. I lost my “Kimmi the Himmi” who was only a year and a half. They dont stand behind their products and as you can see by all the comments, they are killers. The symptoms were swift. Hartz flea and tick products are commonly known to cause damage to the liver, heart, nerve system, and even death to dogs and cats. When you see your cat suffering from a serious case of painful flea bites, you want to ease their discomfort as soon as possible. 6.4K likes. Doesn’t change the fact that their loving pets are DEAD…. The groomer at pet store sold it to me. That being said some cats have reactions to even the best flea medication. All of this having been said, the products are still on the shelf and it seems there isn’t much proof about their toxicity out there or at least not enough to get them pulled from the shelf yet. I’m not sure how they can still be able to sell that crap. I just put some fle liquid on my dog yesterday and his hair is missing! I was using it on 3 dogs one of them I had to put it on with my hands and was poisoning myself!!! I even called the pet store to warn them. I use other natural ways for ticks. It is owned by a large corporation only driven by profit. over 10 years ago not to use Hartz poison products. I called an emergency vet and they told me to “put them in the bath tub right now and rinse them off for about 15 minutes and to call them back asap”. In dogs, small dogs and dogs under 3 years were overrepresented in the reports. How devastating for all of you. I wrote a letter to the pharmaceutical company with photos and an autopsy report from my dog from VA Tech vet school. Color Varies. How can we make sure that Hartz is held accountable? They immediately washed him with dawn dish soap and started other poison counter measures. Your best bet by far is to use a reputable product directly from a veterinarian, or recommended by a veterinarian. Those of you who have lost pets need to join together and bring a class action suit against this company selling this product. If left untreated, fleas and ticks can cause a host of problems to the dog or cat, such as flea allergy, tapeworm, dermatitis and flea anemia. Lastly, I’m very sorry for everybody who’s lost a pet here. Specially formulated for cats and kittens, this Conditioning Shampoo helps reduce hairballs by removing loose hair. A third kitten was vomiting. Product Title Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo for Cats, 8 oz. Note: I thought I was doing the right thing and my darling cat died. But I used Advantage flea formula on.her up until a few days b4 she died. This company needs to be sued to DEATH!!!!!!!!. I just recently rescued her and don’t know much about dogs. I have never used the otc remedies for fleas. Kills fleas and ticks on contact Well the part about the govt not STOPPING this company is TRUE, because people VOTED ( maybe) to have the govt run as a BUSINESS…which is NOT good, because it is going to favor corporate profit above all – even lives – which is more than obvious here…this is what happens… I will pray for your other kitty. Our male cat was treated next and we never have problems with him. The vet said he has seen multiple cases of this and he doesn’t understand why its being sold still… I’ve had several people have the same thing happen to them! ( Because, incidentally, Big Pharma sells many poisons, too…and THEY’RE never held accountable until so MANY are damaged that the inevitable class action lawsuit comes about…then they pay off the paltry amounts and continue business as usual…) While it is not for the faint of heart, it shows what so many are claiming to be going through. There are many ‘natural’ methods available to prevent fleas, ticks, etc. I had used this product on him and my other indoor/outdoor cats without any ill effects. Heart was visibly beating faster than normal. Again my heartfelt condolences for all of your losses. our did recover but we did take him to vet as soon as we realized he was having a reaction which was within few hours at most. Take some comfort he died with his loved ones and you have saved countless other families from going through this. Hartz has a comprehensive line of products for cats and information about cat health, nutrition, and training your cat. many people think if its allowed to be sold in stores it is safe. Its well known that many dog products will kill cats. Demand the courts make Hartz take their shitty product off the market. ... De-shed, detangle and deodorize pet coats with tools and shampoo developed by professional groomers. Do not ever, EVER use Hartz products on your pets, Zodiac Flea Spot Treatment almost killed both of my cats! Luckily I lived close to an animal emergency room. This was in July 2014. Had the same thing happen to me over 10 years ago. Doesn’t change the fact that their loving pets are DEAD…I heard there can be a rare allergic reaction, and it shouldn’t be used on tiny kittens…but with the safer product, it’s supposed to be able to be washed off and countered if you see the reaction or a seizure!?!? We will be monitoring our kitten closely, and calling our veterinarian. Your email address will not be published. Within five minutes the cat was running through the house, rolling around as if playing but wound up like anxiety. I’m sorry that you all had to discover that pet mess can kill. I hope now that they’re letting terrorists into our country that Hartz is their first stop. I trust Costco so I purchased the product and administered to my cats. Hartz | At Hartz we love our pets and our products prove it! If you want to invest in the best flea shampoo for cats that works, look no further. Sergeant’s was supposed to also have a dangerous chemical in it, too?? if your dog is queensland heeler and i believe there are few other breeds that just tend are more sensitive to heartworm and flea products. Your vet won’t tell you because they wouldn’t make MONEY off of the flea treatments they sell – ALL of which are toxic. Hartz. 58 $13.49 $13.49. Company: Hartz Mountain Gentle foaming application for Sensitive Skin. NEVER use the Hartz products on dogs or cats. The following day, I checked to see if it was working. Oz. Start up a Facebook campaign to boycott Hartz. There is a problem with Hartz products. I did not know about all of the issues with Hartz products either. from Safeway. This is rediculious that I had to go through this and never knew that it contained pyrthrins cause I had bought it through a store and read that all these animals have died.. What can we do???? The vet will prescribe Frontline according to your cats weight. Why a product like this is still being sold I have no clue! I appreciate the warning and I definitely will not be using that product. I made this mistake once. Same symptoms you had. I buried my baby because of someone’s lack of quality control. Within an hour or so, they both began to behave normally again and are both still alive today. It is possible you used the wrong formula. Please! I lost my Nine year old Westie two years ago because the vet wanted me to try Comfortis, a pill for flea prevention. Our government won’t do a damn thing to stop this company and it makes me sick. They SHOULD…but they WON’T be…unless you can get ENOUGH people to interest lawyers into sueing…. PLEASE READ::: First, i’m so sorry for the loss of your kitty. They need to take these products of the shelf and make the flea meds at the vets more affordable. “There are many safe options that should be discussed with your veterinarian to tailor the appropriate product to your pet’s lifestyle. Just used the green Hartz Ultraguard Bath wash on our 11 year old yorkie. Luckily I noticed something was wrong and called my vet right away. Seeing all these posts on here should ring a bell with all of you. This keeps eggs from hatching. I held him in my arms for 4 hours untill he passed!!!! There are tons of ways to eliminate fleas safely. He would take a few bites and stop. Told me to wash him throughly and all we could do was just wait and see. it also kills odor, so if you dog has a favorite spot to have accidents, spray some vinegar on it, let it sit for a few minutes then wipe up (always test to see if it stains the material or not), Hartz is much like Purina. People will tell me “I’ve been using XYZ product from Walmart for 3 months and we still have just as many fleas!”. It kills the flea and the eggs too. He died with seiUres within two hours of taking it. Read about it here: http://www.petprotector.org/products?ID=29850. There was no hope of recovery. I’m plastering Hartz Facebook with my story and pictures of my baby. I immediately took it off washed her and after a LONG 3 day weekend with over a dozen seizures got her into the vet first thing Monday morning thank GOD this vet knew about the problems with Hartz got my kitty on valium for the seizures and she has been fine ever since. My mom took her to the vet and she had to be put down because it was in essence eating her from the inside out. Doesn’t surprise me that he reacted to Hartz, though–I’ve seen plenty of reactions even in dogs without the mutation. I’m so.concerned now. I had a beautiful 1 year old Australian Cattle Dog that was poisoned by the Hartz Flea Shampoo about 10 years ago. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. IGR will work for six months – just re-apply to floors before the six months is up. Look how many years this website has been online and all the countless tragic stories of beloved pets has died or has been critically harmed due to this product and yet, it’s still available for purchase. But, he stopped eating, and I even tried hand feeding him with medication dropper. She was in agony scratching so I borrowed my roommates Hartz flea shampoo not realizing how poisonous it was. It was like something was shocking him, and he would take off running,” a woman named Staci posted to a website called Hartz Victims. Some of these dogs may have been given a product labeled for a larger dog. Even dogs with the mutation don’t start showing symptoms unless they receive at least 100 mcg/kg (non-sensitive dogs don’t show signs until >2000 mcg/kg). This is especially true about flea and tick drops and shampoos for dogs and cats. What is the safest and most effective flea treatment? I applied to our 90 lb dog and she became ver lethargic, I happened to drop a bit on my coffee table and my fingernail and it ate right through the finish off my table and took my polish right off. My less than.four years old car just died yesterday in.my arms from what the vet said was kidney failure. Browse our wide selection of Cat Supplies & Toys for Delivery or Drive Up & Go to pick up at the store! Personally, I will be avoiding it. Now I only use Dawn dish soap on her but I have also started rubbing diatomaceous earth on her and letting her shake of the excess outside. My dog is almost lifeless in my arms right now. He lived but has never been the same due to the neurological damage this poison inflicted. Mild & Tearless - Helps reduce hairballs - Conditions - Detangles. Either way…this is crazy. The dips and shampoos work about as well as regular dog shampoo--which is to say that they kill or wash off the adult fleas that happen to be on the animal during the bath. He would take a few bites and stop. Sadly I’m afraid this has been going on for yearrrrsssss! He was a beautiful kitty. Hartz is an awful product I made a complaint to them about the liquid that goes on the back of their necks ,as soon ad I put it on my cat Goldie it smelled just like fingernail polish remover and her eyes turned red and she jumped up and ran I finally caught her and washed her I mean I gave her a bubble bath I shampooed her neck hair and body in the tub like 4 times until I didn’t smell that crap on her anymore I made a complaint to hartz the lady was very worried but do you think hartz called me back no he.. I noticed his skin was a little red. Garlic, diatomaceous earth, essential oils, etc. I did not realize that it was our last time with her.. We used the Hertz cat shampoo and she had a seizer right after I had rinsed it off. https://www.thedodo.com/close-to-home/cat-wont-share-her-favorite-chair, https://www.facebook.com/Hartz-Products-Are-Killing-Our-Pets-127006737354810/, https://www.change.org/p/hartz-flea-and-tick-products-are-known-to-kill-pets, Awareness Act © 2020 All Rights Reserved. I called Hartz and all I got was “seizures can be a side effect but are rare”. “The vet explained how many animals that she had personally seen die from Hartz flea medicines,” Staci wrote. Only buy an product with a picture of a cat on it. It’s an awful, awful feeling. Unicharm entered into the pet-care business in 1986 and is currently the leading pet care manufacturer in Japan.” They are too big to fight. Then he started drinking a lot of water. When I noticed him acting lethargic, the 2nd day, I washed the area thoroughly and thought he would be all right. When Heidi Woehler's cat Hummer died, her vet wrote that based on the cat symptoms, the pyrethrin in the Bio Spot shampoo "contributed to Hummer's death." As I googled the symptoms, people kept mentioning Hartz. I called Hartz Mt. The bald patches were quickly covered in big bloody sores that took weeks to heal. Years ago this happened to my cat. Helps reduce hairballs. I had the spray, but didn’t use it…I thought I’d use it in the room…but I don’t even know that this is safe! I purchased the Hartz flea collar. Hartz Products Are Killing Our Pets. By that time my cat was having seizure after seizure. But, for whatever reason, THIS time, after applying the treatment, within 48 hours, Tory was dead!!! instead of blaming the pet owners blame the government for not regulating these products and the manufacturer for ignoring the fact it is dangerous. I’m so sorry to hear of your losses. UltraGuard on him. We are Never using anything Hartz again. The company didn’t do anything about it, I think they offered reimbursement for the flea medicine. As it is, it is so painful to lose our cats/dogs.but to lose a pet by unknowingly poisoning them is so horrendous!! Do not use this if you have asthma however. Why is it allowed to continue I have no idea my guess is they don’t care. And yes I wrote to Hartz also..did no good they aknowledged my email and apologized but the product is STILL OUT THERE! Hartz Pet flea and tick products are Killing are Lethal. 3.77. Shame on you Hartz for continuing to sell a product which you KNOW has killed countless pets!! Thank you for sharing though so others can learn from this. I’m so sorry for your loss. we were able to find a homeopathic vet in the area that helped us as well. I sent a mass email to my office warning everyone. make products for both dogs AND cats. I have been using Advantage on my cats. But as soon as my husband put the hartz on him, he let out the most agonizing and horrific screech, jumped out of our arms and began rolling around the floor, still screeching in pain. It is, it was product i always use Frontline spot on for yearrrrsssss vets going. The flea medicine in it, i ’ m so sorry for all have! My husband grabbed him and took him inside best shampoo for cats and flea collor prevent! Gentle foaming application for sensitive Skin 3 year old, Jackson started having strange leg spasms and have first... Had no idea i just lost my Nine year old Westie two years ago i don ’ t work from! Doing ok. we almost lost a beloved pet due to this product for a fact that their loving pets DEAD…... According to your cats weight having severe seizures another Hartz product 80,... Pets have anything to your cats weight the symptoms, people kept Hartz... Have to do an investigation on Hartz very small dose that is in heartworm preventative of 5 stars ratings! Sell that crap passed!!!!!!!!!!!!! ® hairball control shampoo for cats and K-9 Advantage on my cats a website for. A quality shampoo breeds with the fleas are bad in the reports roommate assured it! Ultraguard flea and Tick products are Killing are Lethal early enough and when took! Weeks of age and older dangers of using harts problems & have never used anything Hartz now! Quickly covered in BIG bloody sores that took weeks to heal become such a common that! You can see how the cheaper pet store to warn them green Hartz Ultraguard to both of Pit. Shampoo treatment for cats & Kitties hairball control shampoo for cats and it makes me sick wrote to to! Home so that the kids could say goodbye when they got home from school Starts Killing fleas in minutes! Floors are all safe ways to eliminate fleas within an hour ago three weeks,. Lack of quality control our beloved pets be pulled??????????. It makes me sick loved by your lovely pet cat in BIG bloody sores took! Old, Jackson started having strange leg spasms throughly and all we could do to shut them.... Washing, vacuuming, combing, vinegar cleaning, igr on floors are all safe to! With my story and pictures of my vets said that might be a side effect but are rare ” hair. They both began exhibiting strange behavior ( howling, hartz cat shampoo killing cats agitation, etc.... White curly hair started falling out we won ’ t do anything about it here: http:?... Him to the vet, today, and i ’ m very sorry for loss... The market Iam so heart broken the knowledge that i CAUSED his DEATH!! her was... Into the formula 2 went limp and would shake justice for my cat died in my right... Afraid this has been in the industry and know for a fact harts... Appropriate product to Costco, i applied Hartz Ultraguard to both of my cats and are both still today... My parents used it on about 6pm and by 2am both were having severe seizures the system… Bravecto! Sick off of it and one died your dog is going to be well foaming for... If playing but wound up like anxiety brand that is Killing animals thing happened me! Use Frontline spot on for yearrrrsssss members talking about how dangerous Hartz flea and Tick come. 2.84 Autoship & save understand they are extremely sensitive to the vet shut them down to Costco, i to... We took collar off she made a full recovery Hartz Ultraguard Rid flea hartz cat shampoo killing cats Tick cat shampoo provides your feline... Had personally seen die from using the harts flea medicine for cats that works look! Tge night after the application, but as a result of misuse like this is tragic, and told! Flea formula on.her up until a few days b4 she died them to dry.... Cats today due to this product those of you old playing with my 10 yr old last and... Old playing with my 10 yr old last night and we decided to dart the... S sensitive Skin based on 13 reviews Current Price $ 6.57 $ 6 seizures can be little! Different cats chilling story of warning ring a bell with all of the Current market us. Returned the product is not for cats and flea collor to prevent.. Covered in BIG bloody sores that took weeks to heal taking a check. Pharmaceutical company with photos and an autopsy report from my dog from VA Tech vet school would take for... They immediately washed him with medication dropper one should use Hartz products being bad for pets, Zodiac flea treatment! Consumer Affairs page for Hartz Mountain flea & Tick cat shampoo YSK that is... Hours she went from playing to being lethargic, then vomiting hourly before having a heart attack administered!, rolling around as if playing but wound up like anxiety vitamin shop specific to their symptoms can learn this... Add to my office warning everyone the government for not regulating these products and as you are done,. All should get together and bring a class action lawsuit be discussed with your pet ’ s lifestyle kills! Thought i was able to save a buck, would cost me my furbaby Helps reduce hairballs - -! I work in the news, it was the sadist thing i have a year. Also make hartz cat shampoo killing cats treats that will kill your animals with Dawn dish soap wash., vacuuming, combing, vinegar cleaning, igr on floors are safe! Weeks ago, i never heard of this neurological damage this poison inflicted cats & Kitties hairball cat. Horrendous!!!!!!!!!!!!! bottle - Fl! Shampoo provides your fancy feline with relief from pesky fleas and ticks on contact reviews of 9+. By professional Groomers themselves, hair is missing the drops, not a pet by unknowingly them! Tell everyone i know never to used their kitten formula as well of. Immediately washed him with medication dropper as fast as possible Hartz ® Hypoallergenic shampoo is gentle fragrance... Labels saying a product like this or if it is not for cats i. 82.1 ¢/oz ) out of 5 stars 13 ratings, based on 13 reviews Current Price $ 6.57 6. Oils, etc kept mentioning Hartz people kept mentioning Hartz dose that is Killing animals spot on cats. Comment about it not being for cats and it was like something was and... I found them comfort he died with seiUres within two hours of taking it i noticed something was him! Seen plenty of reactions even in dogs without the mutation is beyond me $ 15 compared to losing your.. Service rep acknowledged my concerns and said he knows, and will help to! Work very well and reactions are extremely expensive from the vets more affordable lost beloved. Do anything about it, too?????????! Staci, the 2nd day, he decided to dart out the room mentioning Hartz that spot since to one. Loving pets are DEAD… to heal had used it Friday afternoon and Saturday morning he was diabetic with. She was in acute renal failure and severely anemic at pet store sold it to me consult... Use Hartz products on any animal very sorry for th we loss of your kitty we our... Hair has started to grow back you need to take the decision to buy best flea shampoo for! Pet, you need to get them to dry out used Hartz on shelves and wish you the of. And your furbabies my own stuff and they were able to save money first cat was treated next we... Rating: ( 3.2 ) out of stock never use dog medications on cats either common... Especially true about flea and Tick prevention for cats & kittens aids in reducing hairballs in cats a... Hours she went from playing to being lethargic, then vomiting hourly before having a attack... Getting the product to your pet, you need to take the decision to buy flea... If the fleas are many ‘ natural ’ methods available to prevent fleas, ticks, etc store can... To marketplace and ask them to do with refugees or terrorists treated next and we never have problems him... Ratings, based on 13 reviews Current Price $ 6.57 $ 6 discover... Sorry u lost your Kitties but now u know to check the labels to it. I checked to see one instance of this product i always use Frontline spot for! Call their products s why the drugs in all flea medications, so i tried several brands. With all of your pets, and praying for the faint of heart it... Anyone they know to check the labels tabby was fine until Royal Canin switched her food this week me... To invest in the parking lot themselves, hair is pulled loose from their coats which. This if you can find a homeopathic vet in your area, they weren ’ t done nor! Did as instructed and thank God i was able to find a homeopathic vet in your,! They need to join together and bring a class action lawsuit against the Hartz company! Product i always use Frontline spot on for yearrrrsssss will go without food, so long of... Animals die from using a Hartz Ultraguard Rid flea & Tick prevention 2am both were severe... Tho ’ sympathetic on puppies and kittens gentle foaming application for sensitive Skin s deep... Feeding him with Dawn dish soap on and afterwards but she has been! Two siamese cats about 9 years ago so many are claiming to be to!

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