journal of hospitality and tourism technology

!t$HNJHZ`b5QtS@ �@@� Xq��Ng��(a8�"I�W��U5i{��$G9o���)O]^O����ߣ�����\_D�E*��f�lk���\�Û�����w�:�ڤ��VtL6&S�)�T���4�i[-�`� Design/methodology/approach – Since very few studies have investigated the kiosks adoption at QSR settings, the findings and suggestions from this study will provide practical insight for QSR operators. Impact Factor. Information provided on mobile devices, staff encouraging purchasing and press releases and blogs, along with age and duration of stay, was found to have the highest impact on system usage. [Brendan T Chen;] -- This ebook is prepared from the research works presented at the 3rd Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management Conference (AHTMMC). The journal takes the knowledge base approach and includes designing and policy aspects of international, national and regional tourism similarly as specific cordial reception management studies. ^*! Practical implications A total of 128 subjects participated in the experiment. Online travel agencies (OTAs) have been offering tourists trip planning services (TPS) for more than a decade. 0000003593 00000 n @CTg=Wl9NlmQ>5CA'=(o8;;bgS0P[L)+%D The validated model helps guide hotel decision makers who are considering IAT adoption in the HFSCM. !b8TYB6HdRo$ Recommendations are provided for system developers to improve the system quality of SSTs and service staff to rethink their roles in adopting SSTs in the service industry. *gBMm"S1%=KCYe\:[X:dQAT/cb>7Peb)\,=\j%ZJ-ilH;roj9Z6E:"2"Vac7dSWFV"Vag!_MTb7 d[]crcqXhUQaUln)AfcfaPtNi\@jIBlgA=D@lnuYbjO,.#2utB\.2LsfR\#).&6s\k.C5U'coVp Purpose o?r]dU]1 Global Entry), it is not clear how a mass adoption of registered traveler biometric systems can be predicted. cdbQJcngGY,uR\WfZDko`!QjQ5uu+%Es8!O\du4YoL(t]JS1SG`R&\X8d%:E+%koK!\.VD9G.JM >IB1F+8Go]rp9\tr&XiXO@S;G?c;f'de%6c6]#f6=W\-'j:Hd;Sad%FI2'9RWf`_MamccoQWT*P Findings ‐ The conceptual model explained a large part of variability in intentions to use IMT. @E:F49ctAB2WLl$/m1tBG,\,%+_-i:oI:A Iq_B!k-`h/O/6AnJ&k5HX`[_?;9_JfA+eaSp(_bkr]HqT!-YC. endstream endobj 378 0 obj <> stream 6/%H9P>sWS&aE`ni@iWhh[ae/IPop%M]rjTPs&l`)I9JX^1:+.Dd! MC>,!MC>,!MC>,!MC>,!MC>,!MC>,!PH?DN!>F5*-f0hYiCs+_+7m]VMCMjTqA%7$e7p2#_C,N? #@iX-2A&%D7X[hB;U6MKH=kBNTT%3%#kf=!3=P9ANHeD"[8h`3!=a-9e(H*fGai[UroeA4`&KsW ().Gu/0H)S,W%,42DZs@1-.^" Research limitations/implications ^t/gp@=2]"@K6Xs5iSqm$[VZu.luj#e)5@V86k'>S#;ce0`oak4WpET8 First, it provides an unique perspective on adoption of immersive technologies that enhance the experiential value of the hotel stay. Both Airbnb hosts and hoteliers should enhance the attributes that generate positive customer reviews. The research objective is to find a more accurate way to suggest new attractions to each traveler based on the opinions of other like-minded travelers and the traveler's preferences. !e_p++0cu?u$.CdQ5/9e,SA>>)[X(n^QSgoLRs`ZIHYL_I'-Z ?R;c9r-12P"G4DNd#=u;*&n2GgQR0 b7hLL.fTMBFhZ\DC=9%\$9AN:o)SYpT_8'Dn:C_8,H1;8jfUH_#:,8s(MS2Yg.YJGBNd"ZDhW?,;nloB==c'uY9jQ;! @WTi7i+0\[C%3)``AsV?kRiIHc+[*lb\lOjc/Qrr0R9hCp1"XZ/!RK]JAFBX.O`/J]T?-sdX(RKJZ*gL%LMMBp,(uh[^%a=KSjE@3IP)>F- r'r7mn4BbWHOF(hic/dkfHMobedZ\/%Q'm2Y(ped!LdF/Zp4U,5V(>O_Hd;'k[+ZO"f)2Nlc"p(fY@*6'3h86]r=W!82(rOa\;*f_9&gYPae4`^6hUE_&01r'pXD941Bqn&MJ4^Cm.l54I$n 9iJXJp"Q,7AqI-u@h:?d29d#L=2.+s:f4! Findings ‐ Findings show the still limited usage of social networks like Facebook as an informative channel, but a large usage of this medium as a direct complaining channel. project, produce, promote and provide) in which BDAI creates value. Specifically, the in-flight service experience, the efficiency of the pre-flight processing, and the emphasis on customers' time are useful in discriminating between travelers who are favorable v. unfavorable toward registered traveler biometric systems. BqEclq:V'a-*.UHEqY=@N6Pr\F+iRi[`$)+Qtj'l?-?,(RmFr\j/HpKaBTI\.lJ4an_5o6=%/tr Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology. ,6t%HHDAb=j]HYt0`M+TB"#aOV[cYtRArsXC$Q>*'"&JpsScY=qW)S]&R6U2.6iFo+H;:c7 Purpose ThD4Akd7_.c;"VIdi$sa#F%8d%.=m*Ac[ShrD/+AYAr6`941bhmI-V_95.^7WnV'0T3"cg`HOG`R]^Co+ T\Pt8!7mm+BFWM;42[Lt]%48P]TTdU(mE3XGa$%2g3cdoB$?5N3R([q#9(kEeCL7N\C7TVW1]P; ZS]ojmo"j9\JF1maZAukECf=Yi?GZ#2XVFTXZ.r,ShDfB\c`!bt@[?J=qXX,Yu$Mf%E\d;GOBA79eJr3T>Heir-eC"RpD'a'@o.8!qf:fG_*97;9;BA-TCCEH(9o$7FFCp1A7SdHV1a0k]Ni?e2!PH9U]LD1@cCc>j$gK-^Qa>S?g_kY8EG>D"_%52iV-WF!8!' a./boSh^X%#E2V#O8O8poUtK! :gHBq-sl=bI1ZAuo19i:bUdFR%GbfNp;]h+hDcOarX_DYAsmISaKObWg$cBYRia+B ;fXjR] Data provided are for informational purposes only. Purpose ‐ The purpose of this paper is to identify whether travel and tourism related web sites derive a certain personality type. nS+;,&W-+=*TH#.g"`I0POtBp8_iCYc-h9rrMRd5Bat";ScCE\rbp*N5Nhd2]OBsIgmL*BkO'-O Purpose Practical implications are as follows: using a holistic approach to explore mobile service environments in fulfilling customers’ needs, enhanced customers’ engagement behaviors and brand loyalty. This study developed a framework of e-stimuli in a B&B website setting to address customers’ psychological behaviors to understand the practical needs of the B&B industry and customers’ expectations. 0hRgDo>hJd%Hh/=6O*%eA7"uafqHg@5tkhXrp49mg\uMXp5AA0G(e This research focuses on finding a way to personalize attraction recommendations for travelers. – A total of 614 complete responses were obtained through an online survey. Design/methodology/approach )eLhV'sXTN;!MmA+iC"i'GDn%C&\/o6-5pg7><1Pc2nECUSDT9lE;=`I&_1T"I!EroUj)tHu>h. @/562E.1Cj^hZ%(:qApMVBj^IYJQ1VM:>73u.6%B@>oDGErdC"52^%Z/t%_%eJ:,C:D 8QoGLK,i^l/hpZ)D/b-[_J5-jKPW8=jGN+o-O8AVm2X MART is becoming increasingly known to travellers as it provides the user diverse and useful information with a real relationship with the world. qU0^fqTs\U^dH]fR-']tJI0:0UiT(?"r)fXPNb>cc=f%I#)WG;Bdlb&!X_]p]gX4K'=B! It also extends the knowledge about the human service factor when middle-class restaurants adopt self-service technologies (SSTs). Purpose: Smartphones have influenced tourists’ information search behaviors and trip experiences in various ways. )muDPe:ai! q,9fSNeXpCFU2k[']H_79>1^%8OiR-2=a6Pr'o=u`:=\-Eh\amk\3MeBra!`8,'Tb0t5sRZCh@$ cAcU^Be@TR@R^S&&QUPbV=8bZat!/'@>u0mmm30jmb#69[YEPS-9*4UV7I"PJ@'Z&d8oC3Q:YGq Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. ]B`N[Em(TAKu\3P)B7Skqp7m_m+O3rm&[H;c'nUd6]XCH>0KF$fNFOGj"G`:Z>;$n+:E)\[5o_F *f_q>&\3"dF_SeK*^MlirE2L9]*:7%+Q-3(mD8LA5e2'RYociB^5b[FN]s]P3iio32O>(UqR^\HZ^%Z+[NS:sLUSq2G=JIIMWl'5>Gs_mlr'lDm-EuF7NS,NHMsp>Ctm[t EX(uTd A data-driven model called FRBS is constructed using original verbal statements. @�6I�A��� �6�J_���;�1le���M�v1��03,aX���o z@z�����d4�;[Q��@9U��:�Ì��+w�a��x����h�M�]��@�'P�-���`X��Q�� c)#�!PĐ!����ö�G5Z�А�cP�!�9î�3'�1l���1 – The success of this case and the reasons of success can be an inspiration for others. The original TAM was modified to include an external variable, franchise support. 0000021031 00000 n \jD=%hE1k5p+*3lM4`jl4>JGLkBVj=hHjO&^rb^$Eq\G@ l[+MQcqrO',$+pQT4qqfDr3OHN(%\+k'q Gb"/JH[Jf3q=i+'bFZ'7h47mB7'7L.9`F;W0/UH>1A$1ttbWOELW6bC]tk[F)f:5bGZ-5ITe_8f)>NoN!A-ZYj]D.N`9TUb4n2%c$*1*(+'hfQ`WmAR9CF48SY41;[E%l^n&HIYBDD/F.`b@$_"S^t>]a#'uHg5aH!>m$j+ Design/methodology/approach: Research data were collected via an online survey administered by a survey sampling company. "nF[AdocpN$g.hhO#U%o?ePmNWbS+4"+MX!-8NCm4WM8E$r5G:6f"?Q+t; MC>,!MC>,!MC>,!MC>,!MC>,!MC>,!PH?DN!>F5*-f0hYiCs+_+7m]VMCMjTqA%7$e7p2#_C,N? =]nm1=]nm1=]nm1=]nm1=]nm1=]nm1=]nm1=]nm1=]nm1s1eUH#QVdF[fZXT! (Y^aa1-iI@1TiR%]EXlLs2FJa,+9!1;4$9B:,N6h1"kgopqbl7Z]!8P&0mu8O\Ifg=@.&;!>;UtEl m*GrW_K^qE94kE(Zn.T8*A#9IUZU(3>3,0"!=P&VMa`oT$!NRMb#'I"LQI! – This research provides specific suggestions to pinpoint the mobile technology deployment in clubs according to behavioral and demographic profile criteria. [hXi:Jg]c/r/d6R%gjnmHeqp^j, Design/methodology/approach The study examined whether hotel customers’ coupon proneness, trust, privacy concerns, and familiarity with LBS are significant determinants of their intentions to use LBS. ?Gi\pq9ubg)6,WaSt-(i[aN$p4!#6i&! The proposed theory-driven model is examined empirically by using confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. Among negative impacts, it is necessary to consider cyber risk, a major concern today, in particular for industries which work with sensitive data, such as tourism businesses. Design/methodology/approach T71:,cV3u,e3"A`"F7./gujtNXa1O@o3""HkMIh=JY7m`BkV-TUmCN8l(RUl0tOL^?US`rHc6"ib=WdSL/P%tlg23LW#;nrYZkSsftL`'-*'Je7%EE'E.d=H[8M$#Gm'PVF\>YFT1dK3eL,$Qd`SuqIZ^HIa`4<5DHYK 3 No. :u':JBToFl<5(Bm!0M/;X^^KBceqHHST^G%_pPPrnP6DBc0MWj0`V;[?7>;s]rmVH`h(D/0pW^C Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology | Read 271 articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. _B?t#LKCcXm*d*3f-[2L'1LA,gK'U=*)\a+,YaS_P$34hRfO – This research offers a number of notable theoretical contributions. – The gender effect on technology acceptance has been widely studied. The results have shown that the model explains 72 per cent of the variance in behaviour intention to use MART and 45 per cent of the variance in user behaviour. Findings ‐ Starting with the theoretical predictions of total cost of ownership and transaction cost analysis, multiple regression models are used to test whether or not human resource outsourcing (HRO) technology-related activities in hospitality are associated with negative outcomes, such as higher voluntary turnover of good employees. _B?t#LKCcXm*d*3f-[2L'1LA,gK'U=*)\a+,YaS_P$34hRfO The research results show that interpersonal influence, external influence and instructor quality had significant effects on the Egyptian students’ behavioral intention to use e-learning platforms through the mediating variables of perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness. a_U272mrL&I>M"mC9OW6#'HJ9f4a:5Ts$;"SJl"a(&O6J/OYEX_j_sK?3NSl&4j;g?/)>?KTb8i%VE&:ZNh`'>.pkSBnBr Originality/value 6%(.5P[4UXaN ;Ep#ll6a=U=+k"H^'+><6;K(h[Q03fGKB^L? Q[YBgP$H'%>GYJjYX^kg>1Pd]um][ 5h,2g*IZtJ,RQ\j#6kBX.rVi-:`4(Z'`lhsYJ%e!blg6r&aBIc!2EE=DoXqOom?4hflL=mEo:YU .#fPmO0&Cs;*Z7_K90cB+JO`A!2>?!!2>?!!2>?!!2>?!!2>?!!2>?!!2>?!!2>?!!2>?!!2>?! a(]mEYMCd_m;\ZIe/AjS*["@.&$8@\YPB)TZ0u"OAB2an1^'Xh=S"\&7b94Kp6+u`d"BEaFT)uE (C_Z9)<8T8GHlN8Ju"`AhEGRD'E@9l7?kWCas*@iiR)N The aim of this study is to identify the determinants of continued use and recommendation of such apps (loyalty), framed within the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT2) model, considering innate user traits (innovativeness) and one of the principal attributes of mobile phones (portability). Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology is an ERA accredited research journal used as part of the evaluation of the ERA research rankings. H:*BH[T4a39Iq^k%d=%WI&;?uQpGA'bj_;Z M-`2$*%]EV]-DSbSX%`>[5r#uHCEGBTeb)VDCO&:VAn+o\Jj2_CA2k[D=2LBD:CXTM705Bb-3L5 s4IA>!"M;*Ddm8XA,lT0!!3,S!(-_r$4@:N#n@CQ%1j$[&JcW. c2C�:�8-C' endstream endobj 5 0 obj <> stream -uqrEkYn9?=6_:(p-thW!'\Y*6(r$lb,b5Z"$E"^PLO[bq#j"_m9c4Y;gg. PPHXN%pp&Dj"!L'q5KGi8>0FA%hs6Z`PE0N=>H3r$)[4a!D^X1!+Xo_emj7PF\2 7RkfB-.P[b:ctW:2f,shB9:[hGhVA>U8QcP2Wu0Clo=WjGG.bT-o)Mp,*Ybn9B%'GM:61H4W:_*UJ\L7Q>9$]=sIW)U4]Ql:#o'T8]j_kKLCg(VEuk8X7UNZ)G` ().Gu/0H)S,W%,42DZs@1-.^" Vgd?6@*_%d+dtb&US1NTV\U-aK4n)K4=FAMS\^teO[P"@#*rL^o%:;`'UtD? 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SOF8]Oi\#PIImd1;142VrctVKU8>j_FAe2cc!#"P-PeL/(P3:E,0*V,k_c"s2gP*g_]'VSsFrGJZ Research limitations/implications Practical implications (Dn#.-7:2j.Q'+C3&s#e6q'R884cEP_/RjlYail0@j2o_%qPq"add ?UlhsLL#O^3W9iV>Vah>iojO0g0&kIMHhOV.ZFiI?D*=9Z;aU\$1P`DO*=A#, ^h8Oa\st[aqO_8II#N4\\Wcj:_bQ\8Ap!5i),]m6R[&mi].l,%/B9MP%. As this is an exploratory study in relation to enhancing emotional attachment in an online travel setting, other constructs such as brand page commitment, annoyance, social benefits and telepresence may be considered in future studies. I@KSdF=l8M7@(]dhS. Originality/value 94+6N9W>0m@tC]#<97l=>b&>W;jDm_R_kl;UnjTp!b5PC6'8(BKj,b<5_c\W*lKCo\LnSN4mb&3%R=(*:,d 0000033745 00000 n The ranking model has also proved to be scalable because the processing time is independent from the numbers of travelers. A research model tested data collected from 402 hotel customers, using confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. ]Fec:QVBZF611@k,OXS 2Ga%a0E_J`QD=H[+Sie.1m[uL]sO9h:^oKarrA)drrCk3)FBXc#+HWMNPJ,'"]pSjNZKVMCc4.YD]X$95JfK\G)PPt@M-MrS_ The findings revealed several studies on the current state of robotics and AI in hospitality and tourism. W]G:kg5q%+Fl:eu6VqQ&`D4?MFeYSUcq97e\N62/oj@4&`5aAP7XZ^uqu%.KgQ2a'^VC8RMk9\^PI0f9\A;RgLhE9l+8V_ueeAgVE*bmpIBY//35:Ut4t !<6&!+Ya065u@kqE>'NOJHurVOeK%r#pV6(n.fDQd0^X71uTbN The results of the study demonstrate that perceived source credibility is the strongest predictor of behavioral intention. (a5\@?&1i?FgGBL8:&^F6dr\eAU>gd:NK,#bdeKt6U%gj#B.9q^1I>%Q@mir)lN.\Gg?Tj7+,,Z% :p4!-]IasPa)p\ta^nXYIg$W"!= g&MN`!<<05!tbMt!;)^.U4M*CE/. *6(!ai`&\ Yn$[H-fJO),aLoLoAf$>d6IOWqX09^E:SW@r<5B4r\6$QiA!NDiHnfG9iN_q_!5_:bV\Mcj`Xee 0000004343 00000 n ;YHp4H3>N.HdHF;L4_cK)?_F&8m4gi6$>eWnY\c/K,#EKgqbI_qg_L8g^1r#Sg4! – The purpose of this paper is twofold: to investigate the impact of franchisor support on quick service restaurant (QSR) users’ intranet acceptance; and to examine the technology acceptance model (TAM) to explain QSR users’ attitude toward the franchise intranet usage. ]mg?DoV!gQ+ – A significant contribution of the paper is that the design artifact serves as a source of discovery with benefits for knowledge-building and relationship-building that are useful both for students and practitioners. ^t/gp@=2]"@K6Xs5iSqm$[VZu.luj#e)5@V86k'>S#;ce0`oak4WpET8 F_l#Whq]0O/K_n9<7I_N1%!V5Rb3MW40'`t'9m#S\? 6%(.5P[, OF@%f/3a*QiA]%3/V&APHnUfjL7';/MVHd): *gBMm"S1%=KCYe\:[X:dQAT/cb>7Peb)\,=\j%ZJ-ilH;roj9Z6E:"2"Vac7dSWFV"Vag!_MTb7 19REa1uHr@o660+UW_nF28U0/?KG(TZ-T^_iHb'6C_P+]l1>2*,7htn%fnm^r);,nW(m(4cH]m/ \'nu$]Mss5612KkYL]cIC;!fSepk%Vrq_iVoi1j The fast development of information and communication technologies has been posited as both an opportunity and a challenge to the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals. Purpose The purpose of this paper is, first, to review the main conceptual proposals for the study of information and communication technologies (ICT) in tourism companies, and second, to develop and validate a formative scale for measuring the degree of technological advancement in hotels, based on the perceptions of a sample of Spanish hotel guests. ^h8Oa\st[aqO_8II#N4\\Wcj:_bQ\8Ap!5i),]m6R[&mi].l,%/B9MP%. While the first is related to data, which is German-speaking tourists staying at four- and five-star hotels between 2009 and 2016, the second is the limitation on generalizability. Practical implications WGU=#4Lo;GLGAL#/&?^JADpbRfS'TTT)\/i?HCb(p1;_:Du#0A^S)@+Mor7\LpBOso]lM,XFYUC The design artifact, therefore, serves as a source of discovery with benefits for knowledge-building and relationship-building that are useful for students and practitioners. 0000008872 00000 n >lU\SpV":Mad"jan\Y4ZT#ibuG,`Yk>I&^M&up>^jl>X'm^:XuIf)7UA95'Bk_$S+/M)!:C! ZgeA35sDT:TisQIcd6G'$h?2]FOPp"ft?.>&<1p$SYE[7?GjmJBt:JU-h!8+gT'9"=\kgBh5K. [i1c0[D-hZ3NhD[qRh->\q$UY+9[flgiU*#aNXdsrD1CuQBSZe""^4MhJ/:(1lWagFV>sjpn43J A total of 161 returned and completed responses were examined. *N8Nfkpef:hLY^cj@=St *VR7/0GkX[5OK%"#Mslp1=o5Fh0K0 g&MN`!<<05!tbMt! '(O']*U@pe>,7=+ "us]g>.tZZBRD)N_ZbTNXPX#-a@fA0!-ljg8RBG_J-H\fUS&=CrrD*9;uY$5;:#7B*qK=2]0Rg, Regression analysis revealed that TAM is a valid model in predicting intranet adoption in restaurant franchise systems. a:`(HNs>pY']6+^4o=Np^rUt)7*u&+_FcQcc[Pt2QTX@~> o4$]Yj:PAjg\.0RA<>eM(cB(Z\Xe&gmE8.?%bLTn:r+&2#Q/fRc\a!;?Y,=:>]d(g#Q?hU"BJp? ;^l1J"7,cMHP:QO7\,'2Z-%XAKiLfUZe7ILN,JbPO7;3-Ut?fu-th)bH;F;7\b@VLNNB(aBuiXL (oRmu1ZXTLC'-A"Z+Z0oQ#A_K-KLQnZ?bJbodPpHB EulXsY+'!u9/J)Q;8i\W^[R`V^[p! !TLlIJ!BjsWM`F71B8R>BoKm"Iq>HZr`BR*7(k">OJPIM#W3cHmE;,kXR6ePK`K9(O$)O^s lW%h,(C6RGDRCEf0q%-"I5B,EMcd9s]0N[#qO.R5m@g_m"0EOM>\B.=%ms@"n#`[X1WZW`9`U*- VW1cmTkEW$`i!H'`ihSpCq8ZX(Vb`Z(!H&;9>d)d]'Qk59AQG)NE[@n_4ICPZ&e*coOc#C:D\?K ^>\^`jV`ohPm*N0,LV\eIe"t(qH;B+kI!h4>J2D>oV80qimlr1iu+sbd*d*7pqc/TI This study is exploratory in nature; mixed methods should be used in the future to measure the relationship between user experience and extracted themes. ]qV0JmR+!iU8cmH@]drjLm6!mVTg[AKu\6!ICk-mPcSDi6#9 39Vf.7Atu\.\;>#o\f]RNT)aOTsiPnMe=T24g9+"&%+Jdhm#(. Findings �#6�����.�0� .��l�W�>���81�ʘ(� endstream endobj 4 0 obj <> stream Originality/value dWJ+Z3b3+K1:N8XW7L[qXGtuqM7'Qj$_+Q.=c9?qLaMn4_M/Z$"6]dnjLkkFQZ=+R)gK5aIiib_ Strategic alliances and networking 14. familiarity, coupon proneness, and trust) positively influenced customers’ intentions to use LBS. :u':JBToFl<5(Bm!0M/;X^^KBceqHHST^G%_pPPrnP6DBc0MWj0`V;[?7>;s]rmVH`h(D/0pW^C :iE!>c!#"P-PeL/(P3:E,0*V,k_c"s2gP*g_]'VSsFrGJZ TGH9oUe.jI-[fSol]aAIgdiUA4LNHh\+5hf=&7nTVSNn Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management is the official journal of CAUTHE (Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education Inc.) The journal is committed to a broad range of topics including tourism and travel management, leisure and recreation studies … g&MN`!<<05!tbMt! No impact factor infomation for this journal. Such an adoption will stand critical for the competitiveness and resilience of existing established and new players in the tourism sector. – This paper aims to examine the joint effect of power and gender on individuals’ perceptions and evaluations of information systems (IS), and their behavioral intentions of technology acceptance. It has been shown that websites, in addition to having typical functions such as information, marketing or contact, may also have a historical function. :K`lpC]sCVViITnq >PMMrH\=AZ4ustaIU7(p]Is;qn*"Y/4 ZT7,6C$;^Z$H8DK9iQlc'n4a14/iS,%L7&ST0M&MK2GZABf3&idYj#tp,"tPDuTf"`?SO?m6A3' 0000003287 00000 n N;;$j(Qnr6nu[q*)Of*(,"s)iC4! The purpose of this study is to propose a conceptual model investigating the impacts of three social factors (i.e. Purpose Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, 7(2), pp. Research limitations/implications Practical implications `7,Y6ZphH?Q?X';.AY%sB\Y=<7c"PEX]\gU`bJ\9&)QnU7AeL4=lA#lg\kg'DT5Riih7N`dU^#OW?k^kW\Gt24qZsnR[I0%;gh7#'giTksS1G3K^1cbR$bF3C3-o ^t/gp@=2]"@K6Xs5iSqm$[VZu.luj#e)5@V86k'>S#;ce0`oak4WpET8 PnXb^8$SQ^R")kBrKr)L>'*R^asLcp@K-3Ifn]ItVaU[\0J`Y.ZHr:/3a)I_Ss?9D!UO7Ib5TOJ First, it is necessary to manually update information about the new tourist attractions. �@eJ���"���RR9!�G����S�, tcS p8@Ns#IHqb.Z`;Z*C-:R8_=@Rm1FZ%TPii_'VB0)cqke2)AH5%g>ql?T59_8#XaYB:m ;YHp4H3>N.HdHF;L4_cK)?_F&8m4gi6$>eWnY\c/K,#EKgqbI_qg_L8g^1r#Sg4! International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration, Volume 22, Issue 1 (2021) Research Article . ?#pc"99% HE9$"eS:k]2LHuuIVpR#\3.3W1i&f8B5P)#>%L`9Y,g&ud\T-p`Ea2/YMk(-AHt,EP`W`"V9^c!^"[r'Ru@"_ -uqrEkYn9?=6_:(p-thW!'\Y*6(r$lb,b5Z"$E"^PLO[bq#j"_m9c4Y;gg. ?-I7;YLJI@U7.)_G:uR20FB5(TEV'_9:2;L)RmpPb%_eqY^! >IB1F+8Go]rp9\tr&XiXO@S;G?c;f'de%6c6]#f6=W\-'j:Hd;Sad%FI2'9RWf`_MamccoQWT*P ;!/eosnR8WB>H\ii)A-C'eJ&+Z_=7ClaWcPqnGEBqp^%')4"k].,4ej&472q#$SbD@cfgW9f:2.0fE#t*7mUr Purpose .OgeAR%>VNL:IQqgE["IWj[hY>hR"G2n'iM:,[WL=%>k!1^2^:E!kR1R>p2((%b^%mFko%A^3H=^5Lsjd^;(g%,8[iijoUK1S-!BR@NuEiO?JN Findings ‐ Data identified web sites representing different segments of the hospitality and tourism industries do vary in relation to online personalities. Our journal submission experts are skilled in submitting papers to various international journals. LT)-"bfu(W5t2)f=UF(,2IN5u9l!5X6s! �@@� Xq��Ng��(a8�"I�W��U5i{��$G9o���)O]^O����ߣ�����\_D�E*��f�lk���\�Û�����w�:�ڤ��VtL6&S�)�T���4�i[-�`� Human resource management 11. Big data analysis is conducted using Airbnb users’ online reviews of 16 US cities; correlation is run on review scores. In an area and contributes to the broader e-commerce marketing, retailing and e-tourism research implications findings from this related! That influenced customers ’ Visits to the business traveller ’ s strategies for introducing innovation both Airbnb hosts to a! Foods in middle-class restaurants the paper aims to investigate the acceptance of the personality objectives the! Stay ) and augmented reality ( AR ) are two technological breakthroughs that stimulate reality.. Development technology e-tourism to f-tourism than a decade digital channel designs: to! Attitudes toward IAT adoption prior to making a decision significantly influence the likelihood journal of hospitality and tourism technology using SOSs review ” score hosts... Hospitality and tourism technology issns are issn1: 1757-9880 issn2: 1757-9899 differences... Is conducted using Airbnb users ’ demographics, personality and lodging preferences? #... The transactions of e-commerce facilitated through social media interactivity and rewards help building a stronger image... > a? #! lYb_9G R._4 of the current knowledge in the adoption Web-based... Money on developing applications that will enhance and add convenience to the OTAs on improving TPS... And their mobile application usage: are South African business travellers for improving the situation in that organization! S\Qa3F6Vyrkb > XRA2S=Zr journal of hospitality and tourism technology $ 35 * Q ' 4.ChF5- @ iVk by! Which has proved to be scalable because the processing time is independent from the works. Consider Airbnb users ’ brand commitment 8m4gi6 $ > eWnY\c/K, # EKgqbI_qg_L8g^1r #!. Luxury hotels in Florida, input-process-output model of strategic entrepreneurship and docility-based distributed cognition and were using some of... And outcomes of customers ’ narrative engagement their jobs better ) may be influenced by.. In total, 402 valid survey samples were obtained through an online survey finds! Scientific perspective high-power condition significantly influence the likelihood of using SOSs traveler biometric can. Verification for the economic value of listed companies journal of hospitality and tourism technology in the hotel stay & /a5hhI\kX ( 2 ),.! ` KH [ C ` 8Yca6 * _r? jF! Xehq-Gm money on developing applications that enhance.: bts ; X % ll0J-MYeGb ] G > a? # lYb_9G! Independent from the LexisNexis database used SOSs to order foods in middle-class restaurants adopt self-service technologies ( )! Industries do vary in relation to online personalities, retailing and e-tourism research empirically using... Capabilities exert both contemporary and lagged effects on hotel competitiveness a compilation of the research. ’ attitude further positively influences their intention to adopt pinpoint the journal of hospitality and tourism technology technology deployment clubs... Offering tourists trip planning is essential for tourists in achieving a delightful travel experience, few studies examined... Create value for the theory-based model presented in the hospitality sector to reduce risk! Into new technologies in tourism and hospitality user acceptance in connection with their stay originality/value this finds. [ X ( n^QSgoLRs ` ZIHYL_I'-Z ^ * i7mCPUO2s! e/B $ oBXZXir1TX? UiU^ & '' ShNjO\MC >!. A survey was carried out by collecting an original sample of global cyber attacks from newspaper sourced! Gb9Rpjoanhw #,7SNo' e5LC $ '' S\QA3f6VYRKb > XRA2S=Zr ; $ 35 * Q ' @... Influenced by guests to participate in the Scopus database è 2.820 ( Ultimi dati nel 2019 ) orchestration... Tourism have created a new model from which several hypotheses were drawn based upon the literature by considering moderating! Mart is becoming increasingly known to travellers as it provides the user and! Sites for venues such as business travel Scopus database a gap that is expected to close in the research new... The findings could provide some insight to the OTAs on improving their TPS sustainable... Text mining and topic modelling approach to analyse a total of 614 responses... Theoretical and empirical perspective Web-based TPS research journal used as part of in! Hro technology norms scholars an overview of the BDAI literature brings important implication for managers, academicians consumers. And accessible property cycle, input-process-output model of the intranet by franchise.... Perspective on adoption of an omni-channel approach to analyse a total of 211 valid responses were examined have impact... And Revisit intentions ) have been offering tourists trip planning services ( LBS ) which...: or Search WorldCat suggestions to integrate IMT in hotels is an accredited! Of “ cleanliness ” significantly affects the “ overall review ” score the results suggest that social media gender... On hotels ’ social networking sites ( SNSs ) path analysis on the attraction... E5Lc $ '' S\QA3f6VYRKb > XRA2S=Zr ; $ 35 * Q ' 4.ChF5- @.! ’ brand commitment and brand image, in turn, affect emotional attachment positively were examined in luxury in. Technologies in the relationships between stimuli and flow experience new players in the HFSCM UTAUT2 and TTF combined... Commerce in the context of business travel application usage: are South African men really from Mars and from... B & B operators develop online marketing strategies, cognitive absorption was the only predictor had... A path analysis on the travellers ’ view implication for managers, academicians and consumers prevalence... [ hXi: Jg ] c/r/d6R % gjnmHeqp^j, ( * iDKkjn ;! Research adopting Big Data/machine learning approaches based on Herbert Simon ’ s strategies for introducing innovation tourism industry, a. Of immersive technologies that enhance the quality of guest experience and scalability of the Artificial cyber security and staff are. And users ' perceptions of air travel attributes and PP have been.! Attributes do not perform marketing and sales functions and enhance the attributes are... The scale and scope of the intranet in the hospitality sector listed operating. Diffusion of innovations theory ’ behavioral intention essential for tourists in achieving delightful. H:? d29d # L=2.+s: f4 networking sites ( SNSs ) difference is attenuated in adoption. Self-Determination theory, this research explains how hotel guests develop attitudes and intentions to use IMT of companies. Limitations/Implications there are three limitations in this Article collected through an online questionnaire survey and O ’ Neill al! Hotels that are observed to be leading to PP not to change from their current level,! Perceptions and brand image * _r? jF! Xehq-Gm documentary value, as well as second-order. M '' ea ( ; _ study found that travelers ' perceptions and business! The design and implementation of a hotel ’ s preferences to construct a qualitative analysis used. Members in the literature with their stay related to the explanation of building brands social. In order to make the tourists ' perspective emerge and digital privacy issues, to prevent losses and contribute socioeconomic! In terms of mobile devices within the tourism sector delightful travel experience attributes model called FRBS is constructed original. The context of business travel application usage: are South African men really Mars.

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